Alcohol in Popular Culture: An Overview

19. august 2020

Throughout the film, watch Don transform into a raging addict, revealing the desperation and seediness of an alcoholic’s existence. Moreover, alcoholism leads to darkness, despair, and destruction. The alcoholic, here, is portrayed accurately as someone who is seemingly unable to pull himself together. Henry thinks about the upscale life he could have if he could just be with the publisher, but ultimately that would be a betrayal of his true self—a barfly.

Parents should be aware that it is highly likely their children will be exposed to alcohol brand placements if they watch TV shows rated TV-PG or higher, and that this could affect their drinking behavior. Given the significant health implications of underage drinking, the Federal Trade Commission needs to place more emphasis on monitoring and limiting alcohol brand placement of alcohol in media. Researchers identified 10 popular television shows that were considered friendly for children to view. On average, each episode showed more than two alcohol brand placements, with some episodes exceeding 13 brand placements. Researchers then questioned 2,600 adolescents and young adults (ages 15-20) about their TV viewing habits as well as their drinking preferences.

Dangerous Drinking

Ironweed features Hollywood greats Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep both received Oscar nods for their roles as two destitute characters. Set in Albany during the great depression, Nicholson plays an alcoholic, and Streep acts as a terminally ill woman. This film is the sole documentary, though actually docufiction, in this list and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

alcoholism movies

It addresses both mental health and physical health in an intense psychological drama. Otis “Bad” Blake (Jeff Bridges) went from a country music superstar to a washed up alcoholic who can only book gigs in small-town bars and lives between his Suburban and cheap motels. When Jean, a young journalist (Maggie Gyllenhaal), enters his life, Bad Blake begins to get his life back on track, but seems to continue failing. Finally, after Jean leaves him, Bad Blake decides once and for all to sober up, but never gets her back.

Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction at Westwind Recovery®

In an unfortunate event, an open window, unlocked door, and a refrigerator full of alcohol in the adjacent hotel room presented such temptations to the Captain. Like a true addict, the Captain seized the opportunity to relieve himself with alcohol. With only forty-five minutes left until his federal hearing, Charlie and Hugh find him faced down on the bathroom floor drunk. Within several minutes of almost throwing his entire life away, the Captain takes full control of the situation once again. Ben (Nicholas Cage) is a Hollywood screenwriter who has lost everything, including his job, due to his alcoholism. He is given a severance and heads to Las Vegas to drink himself to death.

Whitaker has his toxicology altered and succeeds in hiding his substance abuse. Although somewhat predictable, from the standpoint of a recovery journey and love story, the movie shows how one woman’s addiction to alcohol impacts the lives of those around her. Screenwriter Ryan Binaco based the main character around his own mother. A biopic of Elton John, ‘Rocketman’ shows how the star’s childhood trauma is closely linked to his later problems with mental health and SUDs. The film details his adolescent years and ascent to fame as his struggles with addiction increase. Finally, it depicts him checking in to a drug rehab facility to tackle his substance abuse and make a recovery.

When a Man Loves a Woman (

Although he’s hailed as a hero, his personal life comes under scrutiny and he’s forced to face his demons. Social media portrayals of alcohol brands are very effective marketing tools. This is because of the unique, interactive element with social media that allows brands to build relationships with their consumers. User can ‘like’ and ‘follow’ brands, and then get updates about promotions and invites to their events.

Consider that he has had 57 top 40 singles in the US with nine peaking at number one and is the only person to have had a UK top ten hit in six different decades. Substance use and addiction impacts people from all walks of life and as such, it has been a popular topic for many years in Hollywood in real life and on the big screen. The main character Nick Halsey is played by Will Ferrell who gets fired from his job of 16 years due to incidents connected to alcoholism. Then his wife leaves him, his company car is taken back and his credit cards no longer work.


Henry hates conformity, and it is this that motivates him to drink and seek out others who live in a similar fashion. Moreover, he feels at home as a barfly, so he instead goes back to Wanda, reignites his feud with Eddie, and at the end of the film, they are in another fight. He thought it was a good idea to star (with Damon) as a fallen angel in Kevin Smith’s “Dogma” (1999), which Disney decided was too blasphemous for its Miramax label to release. Playing Batman as melancholy and middle-aged was certainly not the safe choice.

What movie has an alcoholic coach?

The Way Back stars a terrific Ben Affleck as a grieving alcoholic basketball coach. Ben Affleck's offscreen life weaves into his excellent performance.

Our Treatment Center is dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique opportunity for healing. The film centers around the themes of living through poverty, addiction, friendship, and relapse. Trainspotting is a film based on a novel by the same name written by Irvine Welsh. The film is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and follows a group of heroin addicts. Don adores Helen but the partnership has major issues because of his alcohol consumption. He is absolutely accepting of it and indulging in his alcoholism.

Unable to piece the night together, she begins to wonder if she could be the killer. A writer tries to juggle his career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-girlfriend, as well as his appetite for beautiful women. Ray Donovan, a professional sober house “fixer” for the rich and famous in Los Angeles, can make anyone’s problems disappear except those created by his own family. J.R. Ewing, a Texas oil baron, uses manipulation and blackmail to achieve his ambitions, both business and personal.

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